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2-in-1 Adaptive Hearing Aid & Earbuds

Enhanced Hearing For Clearer Conversations, Crisp Sound & Music. For up to Severe Hearing Loss.


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2022’s new & improved true wireless earbuds that enhance your hearing & adapt to your surroundings

By popular demand

The Olive Pro received rave reviews and press coverage with overwhelming demand and
 excitement for more from Olive Union. What is next?

A miracle

“For many years I have been looking for a quality hearing aid that would look like regular headphones. You gave me a miracle and I can’t get enough of it.”

 - Andrii -

A game changer

"I have moderate to profound hearing loss in one ear. So far I am very happy…these are a game changer for me."

 - Susan S. -

The right choice

“As soon as I put them in my ears I knew that I made the right choice. …On a scale of 1-10 I’d give my hearing aids a low 1, and Olive Pro a maximum 10.”

- Joe A. -

10,000 +

Olive Pro Units Delivered

10,000 +

Happy Customers

$2,200,000 +

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Voice Detection
& Voice Focusing

Adaptive Hearing Technology works in tandem with six omni-directional dynamic range microphones to allow for voices and background noise to be identified with more precision than ever before.

Revolutionary Next-Gen Hearing Technology

Clearer &
 louder hearing

5 min hearing
test & setup

Automatic noise

For mild to
severe hearing loss

+18 hour

music & calling

Ear hook for
secure fit

 Hearing tech


Hooked On Life

The Olive Max is designed with an improved and secure ear hook, ensuring they stay put for all of life's greatest adventures.


To Any Environment

Our most heavily request feature is here! With Adaptive Hearing the Olive Max provides the best hearing in any environment, automatically. As you wear the Olive Max, the AI will continue to improve using advanced machine learning.


Conversations & Less Noise

Artificial intelligence built into Olive Max detects voices and noises with such precision that it can filter out background noise without distorting your voice. Now, you can focus purely on your conversations.

no appointment needed

Set Up In 5 Minutes

You don’t need an appointment with an audiologist. With Olive Max, you can take a 5 minute hearing test within the app to customize hearing settings anytime.

Everything Is Improved

Stronger components and improved software means the Olive Max is louder and clearer than the Olive Pro before it. Experience a different level of Hearing.

Max Gain (db SPL)



Much clearer

Hearing Loss (db HL)



Much louder

Noise Reduction (db)



Way less noise

Degree of hearing loss

Up to moderate

Up to severe

Feedback cancellation

Multi frame


For Better Hearing

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Pre-Order now to save up to 45% off